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3 Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

Platforms for the exchange of cryptocurrency allow users to purchase and sell cryptocurrency for small fees per transaction. Instead of purchasing from unknown individuals who have a higher chance of defrauding you, you can purchase from those who need to pay for the successful transaction. To get more information about cryptocurrency visit

With so many exchanges on the market, choosing a good one isn't as simple as you imagine. This is why I've compiled an extensive list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges that are available in India.

1. WazirX

WazirX is an Indian cryptocurrency exchange platform that is fairly new to the market. Don't let old age make you believe otherwise, WazirX is one of the most reliable platforms on the market.

2. BuyUcoin

BuyUcoin is a different Indian Exchange platform with a sleek UI, good customer support, and more. The platform was initially launched in the year 2016. It's not an innovative trading platform on the market.

3. CoinDCX

CoinDCX is among the first platforms to trade cryptocurrency in India. They offer a variety of currencies ranging from Bitcoin up to Ethereum. They charge extremely low fees for trading on the market. They charge 0.1 percent maker fees and 0.1 percent taker-frees.

In comparison with WazirX, CoinDCX offers better pricing for trading. This allows traders who are short-term to trade effectively without losses. The support team has some concerns because they take a long time to respond to customer inquiries. 

Therefore, these are the best cryptocurrency trading platforms available in India. Although there are many different trading platforms they are the most popular.