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Bunks and Lofts – Beds For Small Spaces

Small spaces and crowds just don't mix, but what do you do when you're stuck with both? How do you accommodate everyone and everything and still have room left over? Where do you put all of the extra furniture that, otherwise, might not fit?

Well honestly, in a situation in which one to three people are shoved in a tight space, it's actually very helpful to rely on loft beds and bunk beds. They can definitely help you make the most of the tiny quarters you're forced to live in. you can now also look for the best playhouse bunk bed via

80 Cool Loft bed designs for small rooms

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Thanks to the varying degree of options in which they accommodate crowds: futon bunk beds, twin-over-twin, twin-over-full, and the less frequent twin-over-king and queen make these two choices ideal.

What Do You Do When Three's a Crowd?

Suppose you have three people sharing a small place rather than your typical two, and you need a space saving option for the three of you? Well, that's where triple loft beds come in. 

Loft beds are great for kids' rooms, dorm rooms and studio apartments where three people are basically living on top of each other and need an ideal living and sleeping arrangement that's space-conservative.

Triple loft beds are a way of combining two or three bunk-style beds into one single loft. They are typically arranged in an "L" shape in which two beds are arranged up high and the third bed is built below. What also makes this choice convenient is the space that the extra beds would have normally occupied is now free for additional pieces of furniture.