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Choosing a Greenhouse Watering System

A water system is an essential item when you are building or setting up your greenhouse. It's easier to install drains and faucets before you start building than to try to find the right watering system later. No matter what type of watering system is used, a floor should drain well. Puddles can be dangerous and unsanitary. You can search online to merchandising grow op setup for your greenhouse.

There are many watering systems that can be used in greenhouses. Every watering system has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to research all options before you invest in one.

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Hand watering is easy and efficient because you can direct water to the areas that are needed. You can water your plants with a watering can or hose, and you can also use a nozzle to deliver water in a wide range of volumes, from a fine mist up to a large volume. For baskets and plants that hang high, a watering wand will be needed.

Drip irrigation systems offer many advantages. Drip irrigation systems conserve water because the flow is controlled and timed. The weakness of these systems is the possibility that individual drippers or nozzles can clog. 

A drip or perforated hose might work well in a greenhouse that has beds on the walls. These hoses are made with tiny holes that allow water to ooze out slowly. The hose can be laid on top of the plants in a row and connected to a timer to water intervals.

If you have multiple plants in different sizes of pots, mat watering can be a great way to water them. The mat is laid over the poly and the other end is placed in a water-filled gutter. The mat is kept wet by capillary action. The plant pots with large perforations at the bottom absorb the water the same way. These mats are available from many garden suppliers. They can eventually become clogged with algae.

Misting is a great way to keep your seedlings hydrated. You can set up a pipe with fine nozzles over a row or tray of seedlings. This is a great way to keep your cuttings moist while you are growing them. The fine spray evaporates some of it, which helps to maintain humidity. This in turn cools the temperature within the greenhouse.