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Choosing the Right Space for Your Fitness Studio in Surrey

Do you want your own fitness studio space (or lease better space)? Then welcome to the world of commercial leasing. If there are one thing too many fitness business owners try to rush through and get frustrated with (and omit crucial details), it’s getting the right space for their business and for the right terms.

Many fitness professionals are excited to take high-quality personal training studio for rent– but simply don’t do enough planning to set their new facility up for success.  There are many keys to success including your strategy, budget, location, brand, layout, equipment, design, lease (or building purchase). And it’s critical that you invest time in getting each of these right from the start.

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Following are the ways you can find the best fitness studio for rent:

1. Start with your strategy

What is your facility strategy?

If you start out by asking a few of the basic questions, such as size, equipment, and location, but don’t really address the strategy, you probably get what exactly you want.

So, before you just call up a commercial real estate agent and see what’s available, you need to get clear on your goals.

  • What space will you need? How much administrative space? How much space for clients?
  • How will this space fit your modality (how you get results with clients) and with your business model (how you make money)? If you need space for group classes, do you have it?
  • How will your ideal clients likely react to it?

All this needs to be thought through ahead of time.  Take some time to envision the facility that you want – but don’t just use your perspective.

2. Look at your budget

You should have a properly planned budget for facility studio expenses.  List of expenses, make sure that your facilities budget matches your business plan–that is, you know the money math in your business so your facility cost doesn’t sink you.

3. Find locations that fit

What’s the single most important consideration when opening a new facility?

Location, location, location.

You need to put your facility in a place where you can acquire the best clients to keep it busy. Because without clients, there’s no point in having a facility at all!