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Different Types of Cranes And Rigging

Cranes are one of the most important parts of modern industrial machinery, enabling tasks that humans cannot do with their own hands. However, the correct type of crane must be used to get the job done. 

When considering renting a crane, it can be helpful to know in advance what the different types of cranes are and what tasks they are designed for.u can Visit the website to get more information on Top crane and rigging at

Tower cranes can be found on many construction sites and have the ability to lift and move objects hundreds of feet with ease. As the name suggests, this crane is mounted on a large tower at work and has a hook that hangs from a long, movable arm. 

Crane overhead-Also known as overhead cranes, overhead cranes are used in industrial facilities and run on tracks built into the ceiling or suspended from metal frames. The elevator moves along the runner and moves the material attached to the hook. This is the type of crane you will most likely use for internal manufacturing and maintenance.

Wheeled vehicle-Gantry cranes have become a popular replacement for bridge cranes in recent years. In contrast to bridge cranes, gantry cranes move on rails at ground level. 

Crane stretched-This is a crane used to move and stack ISO standard shipping containers. The name comes from the way the wearer's arms extend along the length of the case.