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How to Enhance Truffle Salt Taste?

In the beginning, black truffle salt was just a type of salt invented by the French to use for salt. Later on, they discovered that they can also use this salt for food preparations. Today, people not only use it for cooking but also for baking and for garnishing dishes. Truly, truffle salt is in high demand these days.

True truffle salt only has small pieces of real truffle seeds inside it. They taste exactly like truffles but far more intense. Indeed, truffle salt is a newly invented concoction made from pieces of black or white truffle, along with other salty pieces that are easily available in the market. Its original recipe was probably inspired by the truffle shells found in the Alps.

This salt can be used both for seasoning and for adding flavor to certain foods. In fact, it goes best when paired with another ingredient, such as herbs, cheeses, and especially with fresh or smoked fish. When used with fish, truffle salt can bring out the delicate flavor of this seafood delicacy. Some of the best fish food combinations that go great with this finishing salt include are scallops with cream cheese and truffle salt give it a delightful flavor, as well as garlic shrimp with this ingredient, you get to taste the distinctive taste of the marine life without overcooking it, and salmon with fresh lemon juice, this makes your salmon dish taste even more refreshing.

For example, if you are going to make some scrambled eggs for breakfast, you can add a teaspoon of this salt to each one before you begin pouring in the batter. For some lunchtime meals, you can add a spoonful into your soup or salad. For a nice dinner, top your baked potato or steak with a bit of truffle salt for that wonderfully rich taste and aroma.

For a fun brunch, try grilling steaks with this salt for a unique flavor. If you are going to make sausage and eggs for brunch, you may want to serve it cold, or at room temperature. For a hearty breakfast, try serving steak with caramelized onions and popcorn. For a lighter lunch or dinner, grill some steaks with a hint of black truffle salt over some greens or potato chips. Salads can also be prepared this way, along with your vegetables. You can top with chopped tomatoes with lettuce and some black truffle salt for a tasty salad.

There are many other dishes that can be enhanced by the addition of a sprinkle of this sea salt. For example, if you like mushrooms, instead of using butter, you can sprinkle it over your grilled fish, along with some lemon juice and sage. This will give it a mushroom flavor, and it is an excellent alternative to using butter, which can be really strong. It has a very mild flavor, which suits most culinary tastes, and is easy on the palette.

It is also possible to use truffle salt made from real sugar rather than using cane sugar. In fact, this is an excellent alternative for people who cannot stand the smell of cane sugar. Real sugar provides a lovely flavor, but it is not as addictive as truffles. You can easily control the amount you use. Moreover, the fact that real sugar gives a much more luxurious flavor makes it a better choice for those who have allergies.

The combination of cream and eggs is another great way to enhance truffle salt flavor. You can simply put some cream and eggs in a mixing bowl and blend together. You will end up with a rich, creamy truffle salt taste like nothing else. To intensify the flavor, even more, you could also add nuts like almonds or pecans.