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How to Get Rid of Finger Sucking in Toddlers

Children are inborn with some habits which are easy to get rid of at their early stages by proper guidance. Among them one is finger sucking, it can be seen as normal up to the age of 2-4. After that, this issue is to be addressed.

There are many ways to get a nip of this habit in toddlers. One is to get a look at this website, for various precautions and devices.


Not a doubt, every problem has some types of consequences and finger sucking to has. For a prolonged sucking of a finger, it causes a change in the structure of the face and teeth. Damages various tissues and moves the front teeth to move inward.

If a child does not leave this habit then you have to consult a doctor who can guide you to adopt certain measures for them. In many of the cases, they automatically leave this habit because certain home remedies work out.

If not then you must consider these steps:

  1. Talk with them, teach them the consequences of finger sucking on a long term basis.

  2. Develop some good habits in them such as spending time with them.

  3. Indulge them in various activities in which they can use their hands.

  4. Notice your child, after teaching them so that there might be any change in their behavior in this period of time.

  5. Children always behave in a positive way if you behave positively with them.