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How To Set Up And Register A Limited Company In The UK?

The process of registration requires certain details. In order to register a business it is possible to make use of the paper method or file electronically. The main difference between the paper method and electronically registering is that there’s no need to make a formal certifying documents declaration. This makes registration faster considerably. 

The majority of formation agents submit their applications electronically. While they may have distinct processes due to the application of the software they use. You can hire a solicitor for certifying documents in the UK for company formation.

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Every registered limited company must have company officers that are registered at all time and must be led by at minimum one director. The Articles of Association of the business may need at least one director.

 Some of the requirements for the company’s officers include:

  • Directors can be from a different company, however at the very least, one director must be an individual.
  • Directors must be at the bare minimum 16 years old.
  • Individuals who’ve been disqualified from working for a company are prohibited from being a company.
  • Individuals who were declared bankrupt are subject to restrictions.

If you’re registering a limited business by yourself, there are four forms of documentation that must be submitted including for example, a Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association and Form 10 along with Form 12.