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Max HR: Be Accurate for Your Heart Rate Training Zones and Running Pace

Calculating heart rate training zones is all about precision. The right training intensity ensures that you achieve the desired training effect with every run. So, if details are so important, why do so many people use basic calculations to get their maximum heart rate?

A common way to calculate your maximum heart rate is to subtract your 220 age from 220 (your age 220). This is usually considered an acceptable starting point. Also, you can buy heart rate simulator online at various online sites.

But experts say it's for the average person who doesn't run, can't smoke, etc., many believe it's not the best for runners who are in better shape than the average person.

Experts also say that your maximum heart rate remains constant. Although your HR can be increased by exercising at rest, your maximum HR will always be the same. It's confusing, why not be specific and test yourself to be sure. Here are two great options:

Best running, most accurate way to get maximum HR for running

If you use your maximum heart rate to adjust your running speed, wouldn't it make sense to set it while you were running? It's actually not that hard, just get off the beaten track and follow these simple steps.

Warm up by running the track four times, then doing four laps at such a high speed that you can't speak in sentences but only a few words at a time. Now gradually increase your speed on the next lap before you get past the last lap.