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Pothole Repair Is Quite Necessary

The holes are caused by excess water on the asphalt and concrete pavement. This is usually the result of snow, ice, and rain. Like concrete, porous floors lose their protective layer over the years due to natural wear and tear. 

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Hole Repair: There are various types of pit repair methods used in the flooring industry, both semi-permanent and temporary versions. One of the most popular techniques for repairing holes in the "throw and roll" method. 

This is a temporary fix, basically patching the hole with the appropriate material and then opening it up for traffic to get the job done. This is the quickest and easiest technique for short-term puncture repair. 

New Asphalt Pit Technology: For a more durable solution, many pavers are turning to a new pothole repair technique called infrared heating technology. This method uses a hot plate to melt the hole, just enough to soften it a little. This allows all of the crushed and crushed asphalt in and around the pit to be converted into a reusable material. It is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

The softened asphalt residue is scraped and smoothed while fully attached to the repaired asphalt and the surrounding asphalt. This creates a strong thermal connection between the two floors.