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T Shirt Trends and Trendsetters

It is well known that the t shirt design in its present form has progressed from the lightweight cotton undershirt worn by soldiers during the First World War, after which, by the 1920’s the term “T-Shirt” was included in the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary. By the time World War Two came around, both the Navy and the Army included the T-Shirt as standard issue. All the different t-shirt design that have come into being make it such a versatile garment that it is perhaps the most popular article of clothing known to Americans.

A survey conducted revealed that more than 90% Americans have a ‘favorite T shirt’ which may be funny tshirts, Cat lover graphic Tshirt or graphic tees or one from any number of different kinds of tee shirt design. The color white is apparently the most favored color of T shirt, closely followed by blue and black.

A majority of Americans own more than 10 t shirts each, making that over one and a half billion tees! Apparently if you line them up, they would circle the globe 34 times! It isn’t just the younger people who have lots of t shirts, older people also like t shirts almost as much, with the number one reason for loving their tees cited by people as being Comfort.

T shirts have always been a way of making a statement or a protest. The Hippie movement relied on the t shirt to make a statement through their distinctive tie and dye, batik and psychedelic tees. Message tees have been popular since the 1970s when Americans were looking to make a protest statement against the Vietnam War.