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3M Automotive Masking Tape! How to Protect Your Car From Overspray

3m automotive tape is poly coated, strongly bonded paper which can be used to repaint and refinish cars. Here we discuss in detail about the advantages of using double sided tape roll.

Newspapers were at one time a popular material for car paint. But, it's too porous and may cause paint to leak through. If properly applied the poly coating of the masking papers protects every surface.

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The harsh solvents that are found in lacquers, sealers for automobiles and enamel paints along with clear coat products, may be penetrated by 3m automotive tape with the highest resistance. It is able to remove dust particles from the fibers and is effective even when wet sanding.

Surfaces that are not painted must be covered in masking papers and secured with suitable 3m automotive tape. There are numerous widths to meet the needs of any project. For projects that require curves, the tape with the narrowest width is the ideal choice.

To cover large areas in a short time, wider versions are ideal. It is possible to accelerate the process by employing a variety of tools, like the 3m automotive tape dispenser. Masking dispensers are available in various sizes such as hand-held tools as well as advanced multi-roll dispensers.

Before masking papers or masking tape is placed on the surface, it should be free of any silicones, oils and dust. It is also possible to search online to find more information on 3m automotive tape.