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Best Features Of Advanced Test Automation Tools

The market needs are continuously evolving and in such a scenario, what software development teams need to focus on is upgrading their product continuously in order to cater to the market needs. 

This is the only approach that will help them stay relevant in the highly competitive market and so software development firms are making this a priority. You can get more details about android automation tool via

When continuous improvement and up-gradation is the objective, there is a need to make the development as well as the testing process faster to ensure faster time to market after each upgrade.

This article takes a closer look at an overview of the key features of these new-age automation tools:

1 Grid Execution

To begin with, new-age advanced automation testing tools support simultaneous execution of test cases. This is an important feature because executing multiple test cases one after the other can lead to a heavily time-consuming process that comes in the way of delivering products on time. 

2 Parametrization

Another feature that the new age advanced test automation tools have gifted the QA teams is the parametrization feature which is immensely useful in saving time. 

With this feature, QA teams are no longer required to repeat test cases that involve executing the same set of steps with multiple data sets. 

3 Cross-Browser Cross-Platform Support

Support for multiple browsers and platforms is the next important feature. Today, one of the challenges faced by QA teams is the need to ensure an application performs optimally across multiple browsers and platforms, along with their many versions.