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Why Businesses Need Whiteboard Animation

It is a proven fact that most people learn more effectively when teaching is presented in various medias such as text, audio and video. Whiteboard animation (also variously called 'sketch video', 'video scribing', 'doodle video', 'sketch cartoon videos' and 'fast hand drawing') is very effective visual media because there is something happening on the screen all the time.

It is even more effective when the images used have been chosen to reinforce the message of the narrative. Although whiteboard animation videos have been around for decades, it was probably first brought to the attention of the public in a big way with the series of UPS TV ads. At that time, the whiteboard animation was carried out in a difficult way, with the artist who actually made the image on the camera followed by smart editing to achieve the final result.

This involves many talents and many hours and only large companies with advertising budgets such as UPS could afford it. Progress in technology has now changed it. The software has come to the market that automates the process of creating a whiteboard animation, making it an affordable choice for most businesses and individuals.

As a result, more and more businesses have woken up for the potential marketing of this video format. They say that a picture is worth thousands of words. And this is true if the picture concisely summarises data or if it elicits an emotional response in the viewer. And that is one of the reasons why carefully prepared whiteboard animation is so effective. It presents multiple images that are made even more engaging through movement.