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How Is 3D Architectural Rendering Useful For Construction Work?

What would it be like to purchase a project on the basis of drawings? It would be impossible to imagine the final project. It's possible to pre-sell a development with 3D renders before construction work even begins. This is great for obtaining investment, but also for applying for planning permission.

You can sell units in apartment buildings before they are finished. 3D architectural renderings are more effective in selling units. If you’re looking for 3d architectural interior rendering services, visit

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3D renderings can be as close to virtual reality (VR), if done correctly. Future tenants, investors, and clients can view a real-life rendering of the building. Based on 3D renderings, realtors can begin pre-selling units.

For an additional marketing boost, developers can enter 3D renderings in design competitions. These images can also look better on social media which can be a benefit to a marketing campaign.

It doesn't matter how good an architect's 2D drawings may be, it takes a lot of imagination to see the final product. Some design flaws are not visible in the drawings. These flaws can be easily identified using 3D renderings.

An example is an unattractive overhang that an architect may notice on certain balconies. In a flat 2D drawing, they are not obvious. However, 3D renderings show that they could block views from other apartments.

The design can be inspected from all angles by the team. This is especially helpful when a building must fit in a tight space. 3D rendering can be done with animation. Clients can view a virtual tour of the property. This helps clients to understand the choices made by the architect, just like the previous point.