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Heavy Metals In Baby Food Congressional Report Unleashes A Flood Of Litigation

Metals that are heavy, like arsenic and lead, cadmium, and mercury, are found in the baby food products made from U.S. baby food manufacturers in a report published in February. Heavy metals pose a threat to human health, and particularly so for babies and children who are more vulnerable to neurological issues that can be triggered with exposure to heavy metals. Due to all these reasons, there are so many firms that help people in filing lawsuits at against the manufacturer.

The report revealed substantial levels of heavy metals present in baby food, triggering an avalanche of consumer lawsuits which includes at most six lawsuits in the process against manufacturers of baby food. The report was launched in response to the revelations of excessive concentrations of harmful metals found in baby food.

Toxic Infant Food Lawsuits

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The report was created using internal documents of the company and tests conducted by four of the biggest producers of infant food. In addition to a number of recommendations, such as the requirement for labeling and testing in the report, it stressed the importance of being able to rely on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) setting limits on the acceptable quantities of toxic metals found in baby food.

Even though the lawsuits are accumulating but it's hard to predict how successful plaintiffs will be. Plaintiffs will have a lot of work to do in proving damages and presenting ways to reduce the presence of heavy metals in food. Additionally, the resultant damage is difficult to measure. Although there is an emotional appeal to these cases it is yet to be seen if courts can offer a practical solution.