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Information About The Rekeying

Lock rekeying is the procedure of altering the lock code. Now the old keys won't operate the lock. The factors for rekeying are numerous, however, they ought to all revolve around safety and key control.

Let us say that a lender has 5 keys that open the lender, when they perform an audit it's found they can't account for a single crucial key. 

They have two options: replace all of the locks which the missing key discharged or rekey those locks. In case the door hardware is in good shape then the choice must be to rekey. You can also explore more about rekeying at

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Essential control is the practice of understanding where all of your keys are and with them. If you can not account for one afterward rekeying must be your first action. Bear in mind, without control you don't have a safe facility. Most quality locks may be rekeyed and should the lock occur to be high safety, then when it's rekeyed you'll find a new documented code using keys that are registered.

Rekeying has an edge if you would like to modify the keying arrangement of your construction. By way of instance, when you've got several doors which work with another key (keyed different) and you also need these doorways to all open together with the identical key (keyed alike). 

Every lock may be taken aside and rekeyed so they open with the identical key. To make this a bit further you can make a master program. That is when all of the doors open with unique keys, but you need one (master) which can open all of the doors.