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Know All About Estradiol ELISA Kit

Estradiol, a form of estrogen that regulates many body processes, is a type of estrogen. Estradiol can be used to treat symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes. It also helps to prevent osteoporosis in women who are menopausal.

It's also found in males as an active metabolic product of testosterone. It is the most important estrogen in human beings. Estradiol is not only important for reproductive function, but it also has a significant impact on other organs, including the bones. Estradiol ELISA equipment is the kit that detects the steroid hormone Estradiol. 

It is a member of the oestrogen hormone class. It plays a role in secondary characteristics development and the menstrual cycle. It is made from cholesterol found in the brain, testicles and adrenal glands. You can use estradiol as a synthetic hormone therapy medication.

The Human Estradiol solid phase sandwich ELISA (enzyme linked immunosorbent assay), measures the amount of target bound between a matched pair of antibodies. The microplate has pre-coated the target-specific antibody. These wells can then be filled with samples, standards, and controls that bind to the captured (captured) antibody. 

An unlabeled estradiol, which is found in standard controls, patient samples and patient samples, competes with an enzyme-labeled estradiol for a small number of binding sites on the microplate. Unbound materials are removed by washing and decanting. The enzyme substrate is then added after the washing step. The stopping solution is added to stop the enzyme reaction.