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CCTV Drain Camera Survey

The presence of sewer pipe blocks is frequent in residential as well commercial structures. CCTV drain cameras can be utilized to determine the location of a blocked drain within the sewer system. It is a specific closed circuit television plumbing camera that could be positioned in the sewer or storm water to identify the troublesome regions. It's an effective and efficient method of detecting obstructions in drainage pipes.

In order to conduct CCTV drains survey inspection, obstruction in the pipe first needs to be removed. After that the plumber pushed CCTV along the pipe to look into the sewer or stormwater line to discover the exact position of the blockage. It is suggested to employ it in the case of repeated blockages within the pipeline.

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The camera will reveal weak areas in the pipeline that are causing the block. By using the information provided by the camera, a plumber can decide what steps to take to remove the blockage and stop it from happening again. This method of identifying blockages in the pipeline is most effective when the root of the blockage in the sewer line or storm water line cannot be identified by the simple removal of the blockage.

CCTV drain cameras are utilized to identify cracks in pipes that may be a result from the movement of heavy vehicles through the area the pipes are installed. These issues could cause sewage to spill into the surrounding region, which can cause more damage to pipes and even harm for the home. It is also possible to identify damaged drains, which could cause drain blockage and create a health risk.