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A Criminal Lawyer Can Protect You From Wrongful Conviction

If you're facing charges or any other charges It is imperative that you seek out skilled and knowledgeable legal representation to safeguard your rights. The lawyer you select will be crucial in determining the final outcome of the case. Engaging a law firm with highly skilled criminal lawyers in Fairfax County (known as Abogados penalistas expertos en el condado de Fairfax in the Spanish language) is the best option to enhance the outcome of your case or another legal issue that you could have to deal with.

Criminal Lawyer

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If you're still debating whether or not you want to engage a criminal lawyer to defend your case, be aware of the following three ways that they can assist you.


The first thing that your criminal lawyer will perform in the course of examining the case is to assess the case. This includes an in-depth review and analysis of the charges brought against you, as well as your lawyer looking into the evidence prosecutor intends to present during the trial. 


Your lawyer will give you details on the alternatives available in the case. The types of options that are available are filing motions to pre-trial in order to halt or eliminate evidence in order to secure the dismissal of some or all the charges, settling the terms of a plea bargain, and many more. Your criminal lawyer will suggest the option that he thinks is the best for you.


Your lawyer will defend you throughout the course of your case and this could include preventing additional charges against you and stopping you from speaking to the police and accidentally accusing yourself.