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The New Role of Electric Winch

There are two types of electric winch: the cable electric winch and the electric winch loading machines. Primarily used for forest collection, transport, timber, and other logging equipment.  Slightly modified cable puller winches can also be used for wood river, river, unstacking and selection of lifting equipment, forestry machinery, and transport equipment.

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The basic structure of an electric winch is made up of the engine, transmission and roller, as well as operating agencies, chassis, and other components. Operation: The engine's power is controlled by the clutch, gearbox, other transmission roller, and drive roller rotation. 

Two engines are available: one is the power supply for log yard operations, which often uses motors; the other is the power supply for cutting operations with multi-use internal combustion engine engines.

The number of rolls depends on the operational requirements. There are monocular, binocular and three-cylinder types.Large cable electric winch drum rope capacity machine, typically 500 to 1000m, steel rope velocity is higher, and the drum also has friction drum. Smaller load electric winch drum rope capacity machine, usually 50 to 200m, rope velocity is low, and often has two rolls.

A single drum electric winch is a one-way traction. It was used primarily for wood and other auxiliary activities, as well as a small amount of pulling, lifting, and lifting operations. The drum is generally shaped to accommodate the requirements of the friction surface. Smooth multi-layer winding drum have large rope capacities. Each reel has its own clutch and drum brake drum. This allows them to function independently.