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What is the EPS Waffle Pods Slab?

EPS waffle pods are lightweight yet strong mold cavities for concrete slabs. They help speed up construction by lowering costs because less concrete is required when pouring. Waffle Pods are a strong yet lightweight polystyrene wafer cavity system for concrete slabs. 

Specifically designed for the residential, commercial and industrial markets, waffle pod slab system at provides insulation and support under the slab while reducing the impact of ground movement and the amount of concrete required to build.

With Waffle Pods, construction is faster and cheaper than conventional concrete casting. Higher insulation is achieved through the inclusion of natural air in the expanded polystyrene and shaped cells in the wafer design. 

Features and advantages are mentioned below:

– Light and easy to use

– Reduces the effect of ground movement

– Reduce the amount of concrete needed

– Strong and durable

– Long term R value (calorific value)

– Low water absorption

– Recyclable (sustainable material)

– Relatively inert and stable in size 

– It does not produce ozone-depleting gases – no CFCs and VOCs

– Made of fire-resistant raw materials

– Comply with building codes and standards

A clean finish and non-irritating surface make Waffle Pods suitable for a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial applications. Waffle pods are also suitable for use with all types of mounts and steel mesh systems.