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Cause of Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Causes – Low back discomfort is common; it is estimated that over 80% of us suffer from it. but before we can select the best treatments for the symptoms, it helps to investigate the causes. You can hire the neck and lower back pain specialist to get the right treatment.

Many lower back problems can cause in people.

1. Incorrect movement and lifting can often lead to abuse of the Sacro-Illiac joints that connect the spinal cord to your pelvis. This joint can cause severe lower back pain if it is damaged.

2. Poor posture can lead to lower back pain.

3. Long periods of sitting (such as at desks) can cause your lower back and muscles to fatigue. This can also lead to back pain.

4. Even sleeping in an incorrect position can cause pain in your lower back.

Low back pain and inflammation are not signing of a more serious condition like osteoporosis, cancer, bulging discs or osteoporosis. Treatments are simple and often very effective.

As mentioned, one of the bigger culprits is poor posture…those of us with poor posture often suffer from weak back muscles, poor posture is a main cause of the lower back problem. Treat your low back pain by working on your posture and it can be one of the easiest methods of chronic pain management available to us.