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All About SAFe And Its Benefits

SAFe is an abbreviation to mean Scaled Agile Framework, which is accredited as such by Scaled Agile, It is the most popular framework that is currently being used by more than one third of all companies in the globe using it in some form or another.

The SAFe methodology is a combination of agile and lean principles into a framework of workflow guidelines for businesses to follow. You can get more knowledge about SAFe instruction via different online sources.

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The aim is making it simple for organizations to increase the agility throughout their organizations to achieve objectives of strategic and project-related objectives. It aids organizations in delivering value consistently and on the timeframe of a predetermined schedule using proven principles, guidelines, rules and practices.

SAFe encourages cooperation, alignment and the delivery of products within Agile teams. It establishes a culture which managers and other key stakeholders must be able to effectively pursue to reach the goals of the organization. 

Benefits of SAFe Certification

Since the majority of people who are certified are looking to further their career, SAFe is a popular choice for certification since it is recognized worldwide. SAFe's name provides you with instant credibility since employers are aware of the importance of the SAFe certification system.

The certification almost guarantees that you will receive higher wages regardless of the place you work. You could actually be able to increase your chances of getting a job since you'll be more sought-after and can join the SAFe community for networking. Every job that requires accreditation will be now open to you. Additionally, you'll be able add an online badge to your resume to prove your achievements.