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Stone Sealing In Melbourne

stone sealing

Stone sealing is the process of applying a protective layer to natural stone surfaces to reduce the amount of daily wear and tear. Ever wonder about the cost of stone sealing services in Melbourne and how it is done. Keep reading to learn more. 

Stone sealing services are generally charged using a call-out fee and a labour per hour cost to cover the costs of the materials and the people doing the work. Other companies prefer to charge for their services based on a per metre square ratio. If you were to opt to complete the stone sealing process yourself, the sealant would cost between $70- $150, depending on where it was sourced from. 

To engage the services of stone sealing in Melbourne, it is advised that you conduct some research and obtain reviews on potential service providers in your area. Once you are satisfied with a couple of providers, arrange for them to attend your property and provide a comprehensive quote. Once this is done, you can then proceed to engage the provider. 

Ideally, your service provider should include in their quote the cleaning of the stone, removal of the sealant, honing or levelling off the natural stone, including the removal of any scratches, gouges or stains, and then resealing your stone. 

As we have seen, sealing stone involves the removal and reapplication of a sealant layer on a natural stone surface, including the preparation of the natural stone underneath. Be sure to obtain a quote before engaging a provider to do this work for you.