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The Importance Of Apprenticeships

The younger generation is full of bright and innovative ideas that are essential to the success and long-term sustainability of any industry. Apprenticeship is a great way to encourage and enable young people to acquire a variety of skills in many different settings related to their interests and career choices.

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Thanks to COVID-19, trainees will become even more critical in the years to come. Given the disruption caused by the pandemic in many industries, including manufacturing, it is imperative that people be trained and given the opportunity to enter the industry when everything re-opens. And because rising unemployment hits young people the most, it is one of the best ways to help people in the workplace.

Internships not only offer training, but also enhance career prospects. There are many benefits for businesses to invest in them.

Internships are expected to contribute £ 3.4 billion by 2022, according to Cebr. Between 2012-2013 and 2021-2022, 3.8 million people will complete education and increase productivity growth. Companies increase profits, improve products, cut prices, and increase wages because the average apprentice completes the course will increase the overall productivity of the company by £ 214 per week.

The UK government wants to encourage companies to take internships, and that's no surprise. It not only adds value to business and the economy as a whole, but also helps reduce the number of youth unemployed, which is a serious problem today.