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The Journalist At Work

At the office, we often encounter a career in a new context, as the referee, the police officer, judge, journalist, and even though you might think it is difficult to imagine.

One of the most important activities that are linked to a single journalist is “sources”. There are many sources of information where the journalist depends on feed news, rumors, and informants that offer the reporter a story to elaborate on; the head.

In business, this information processing activity is also very important that we read of continuous information, summarize, and continue our work based on information provided by these sources (third party).

Information is a factor of production and information exchange and processing of information is the main support of an organization’s business processes.

But if the source is not (completely) correct? As information spreads like a virus, the mistake of the not validated source can penetrate deep into the organs of the organization. When this happens the organization is working with information that is not accurate or in the worst bad scenario.

We all exercise at different times, the role of journalists to work in a business where we recognize that we receive from others, validate, and only then continue working with it. This process is very implicit barely visible, but when this validation is flawed a chain of activities is infected with erroneous data.

Therefore, the journalist at work is a role to keep in mind. This is not only the case when reading the information contained in the emails, but also to attend presentations.

The other side is also true and implicit damaging: the recognition of a new source of information but refused just because of not trusting the source. In both cases, beware of this role; journalist at work.