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The Wonder Drug- Marijuana

Marijuana is a very popular mood-altering and recreational medicine used in the whole world. Marijuana is a dried and shredded berry’s plant. You can also do farming of cannabis inside and gain benefits from medical marijuana.

There is the presence of a chief active element named THC existing in marijuana which leads to temporary disorders like loss of inhibition, elation, and twisted sense. It might also bring growth in visual sensibility and imaginative skills. 

Although marijuana is thought of as one of the significant dependencies around the planet, its medicinal properties can't be ignored. 


However, based on extensive study, Marijuana is one of the most therapeutically active compounds with a good deal of pathological advantages. 

It’s usage for medical purposes, in controlled dose as a pathological medication, it's thought to have important medicinal values for people suffering from chronic diseases. 

Despite cannabis is not been accepted by the US food and drug administration under the national authorities, a lot of studies and research have established that the huge variety of medicinal properties the substance has shown in pathological problems.

The national government of the US hasn't legalized the use of marijuana, even in the shape of a medicinal dose. But the 50 states, now 13 states have passed legislation for compassionate use of marijuana in the kind of cannabis for medicinal treatment.