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Three Back Exercises to Reduce Back Pain

I have extensive experience with back pain stretching exercises. After having herniated my discs twice in my back, and choosing to heal both times naturally without surgery, I've compiled a list of back stretching exercises that will help you relieve pain.

These exercises are quick and easy to do. You can also pop over to this site if you are looking for exercises that can relieve your back pain.

Important to remember that inflammatory reactions occur when your body attempts to heal an injury to your back. Before you begin to exercise or stretch, make sure the inflammation has subsided. This will prevent further injury.

#1 Leg Lift to Stretch Lower Back Muscles

The stretch involves lying on your back, with your legs extended straight ahead on the ground. Slowly, keeping your leg straight, raise one leg at a time. Keep your hands behind your knees and your legs straight. Slowly lower it, and then repeat the process with the other leg. For each leg, repeat the process three times.

#2 Lower Back Stretch for Arms

Begin the back exercise by getting down on your knees and hands. If possible, lower yourself so you can rest your heels on your heels. Slowly extend your arms out in front of you, extending your lower back as far as possible. 

#3 Torso Stretch

It's very simple to do this exercise while standing at shoulder width with your feet apart. Slowly rotate your body from left to right by placing your hands on your hips. 

After performing these simple exercises, your back will feel more relaxed and should be able to be stretched. Many people don't do simple stretching exercises that can reduce or eliminate their back pain. You may feel a lot better if you include back exercises in your daily life.