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Types of Home Care Services Available for Elderly Parents in Utah

Home care services are a great alternative to nursing homes and residences. They give older people the opportunity to live in familiar surroundings and offer much more on the journey to freedom. You can now easily look for the best assisted living home care services in Utah County.

Find In-Home Care Options Near Me

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There are different types of services to choose from depending on individual needs. 

Personal Care Services:- As a loved one ages, he or she may need help with certain personal care tasks. This is a great option, especially for children who do most of the basic care for older parents. 

Housekeeping Services:- When you balance work and family, your loved ones may just be stuck with daily housework and don't have time to fit in your own schedule. In home care, services can step in and give you the help you desperately need. It's also a great option for older people returning home after surgery that temporarily limits mobility, such as replacing a knee or thigh. 

Community Support Services:- Home care workers take your parents to the doctor's office, to the pharmacy for medicine, or to the grocery store to buy groceries for the week ahead, if they need to. Your loved one may need help attending church services or playing bingo at your local elderly center. Children of older parents can use caregiver hours caring for their parents as time off to recover from the constant care needed to keep loved ones at home.