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Warehousing – What Are Your Options?

It is not exactly easy to run a business, especially when it has begun growing and you find that you have more stock than you can accommodate. This is thanks to warehouses offering amazing services taking the worries off your back. You have several options when it comes to warehousing. You can also get more information about  fulfillment warehouse services in Toronto via



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To help you select the best type of warehouse for your business

1.Private warehouse 

This is usually a warehouse that you own or you can own as manufacturing or distributing company. It is, however, an option that can be extremely expensive, even though after the building or buying one you will enjoy long-term benefits. 

The term private warehouse can also mean a warehouse whereby you have space all to yourself. You won't have to share as it is usually the case with large warehouses.

2.Public warehouse 

They can be termed as the most popular and they offer solutions to large capital outlays. With this option, you will get to lease space for a month and renew if you need to continue enjoying it. This option comes with fixed charges for every square foot you take up.

They are cost-effective especially in unexpected inventory increases and seasonal changes. The other factor that makes them affordable is that they are open to more than one customer.

3.Contract warehouse 

The option leases the warehouse to you for as long as 6 months and beyond. You will sign a contract for the period that you find most suitable for your needs and the charges are still done per square foot that you occupy. 

Also important to consider is the cost, the facilities, and the equipment available. Security cannot be left behind since it can be what ruins your business in the end. You, for instance, will be more relaxed knowing that there is security surveillance 24/7 and insurance in place.