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Wedding Reception Games That Your Guests Will Love

Looking for some creative ideas to entertain your wedding guests? While crowded dance floors may be on hold for now (thanks, COVID!), there are plenty of other fun ways you can get the good vibes flowing throughout your special day.

Wedding reception games are the perfect ice-breaker to help your guests mix and mingle while putting a memorable stamp on your celebration. From lawn games to memorable Sunday lunch in Cardiff, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite wedding reception games your guests will love below!

Wedding Lawn Games

Lawn games are a great way to keep your guests entertained during cocktail hour while you sneak off for photos! If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, take advantage of your location by setting up some crowd-pleasing games for guests to enjoy before dinner. 

Some of the more popular wedding lawn games include:

  • Giant Jenga. Just like the traditional game, but bigger! Guests take their turn removing blocks from a carefully stacked tower, placing them back on the topmost level, and trying not to topple the whole thing over.

  • Giant Connect Four. Another life-sized game that both adults and kids can get involved with!

  • Bocce Ball. Guests (individually or in teams) take turns trying to roll their bocce balls towards a smaller target ball. The closest to the target wins.

  • Croquet. Set up a croquet “course” for guests to partake in, and provide a stack of wooden mallets and balls. Perfect for outdoor venues with a bit of extra space!

  • Corn Hole. A carnival favorite, create your own wooden board with a target hole and provide a basket of weighted bags for guests to throw.