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All About Harrop ELocker

Harrop ELocker is a simple cost-effective and effective locking differential that fits your 4-wheel. You can buy the best quality Harrop E Locker (Holden Colorado RC 2008 – 2012) REAR online.

Project Toyota HiLux gets Harrop ELocker

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The ELocker's electro-locking mechanism is the next generation of advanced differentials for aftermarket use. The ELocker functions like an open-type differential until you decide that you require more traction. It is specifically designed for 4-wheel drive systems, this product gives the option to lock and unlock differentials when needed. 

The ELocker is made of high-quality gears that have been specifically designed to work in perfect harmony with each other, resulting in increased durability and strength over a cut gear that is standard. 

Its simplicity of installation and reliability, as well as the pushing button activation, makes ELocker the absolute choice for all off-road traction applications.

A locker locks both axles of the differential so that the wheels have to spin at the same rate. This will ensure that no matter the amount of weight your tires weigh on them your wheel is still able to rotate. It's commonly known that having the use of a locker can increase the speed of your car and make it more efficient.

The most important reason for installing lockers on the 4WD is to increase the amount of traction available. With twin lockers, all four wheels spin at the same speed giving you the maximum possible traction.