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Choosing the Correct Wheelchair Cushion

Wheelchair cushions are made from a wide range of material and are designed to meet a variety of different purposes. The first thing to address when choosing a wheelchair cushion is why it is needed. For example, everyone setting in a wheelchair could use a cushion to provide additional comfort. However others may have a more serious need, such as pressure relief due to skin issues. And then there is the matter of positioning. Proper posture never goes out of style.

Regardless of what material you choose you must make sure that you/client never bottoms out. The phrase to "bottom out" indicates that the end users bottom has come in contact with the seat.

You can buy comfort cushions online also.

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This means that the material that was selected to provide comfort, pressure relief and or positioning has failed. All cushions require that some material, whether its foam, gel, fluid or air must remain between the end user and the seat of the wheelchair.

The first type is the "comfort cushion". The most common material used is foam. Foam comes in different grades and quality. Inexpensive foam cushions are generally 2 to 3 inches thick and provide a minimal amount of comfort. One of the benefits of a foam cushion is that they are light weight, an important feature if you are in a manual wheelchair and are self propelling.

Other benefits include: no leaks or spillage, no required maintenance or upkeep, inexpensive and can be cut to size. The most negative aspect of a foam cushion is that it retains fluids and odor. The life expectance of the average foam cushion is two years.