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Common Gas Combination Boiler Problems

Some of the most common gas boiler problems we encounter can be avoided just by thinking about them. We all tend to forget about gas boilers until they stop working. You wake up ready to shower that morning only to find no hot water. The kettle didn't work anymore.

The best way to avoid problems with a gas boiler is to have regular maintenance contracts to ensure that the gas boiler is in good working order. There are many services providers in the UK that provide the services of combi boiler supply and fit on the spot.

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Gas combination boiler or heater.

What is a combined gas boiler?

Combined boilers provide hot water and central heating directly from the boiler. You don't need a water storage tank to operate this boiler. If you ask for hot water, the kettle will turn on and give you water continuously until you turn off the tap. When the boiler is running, hot water has an advantage over central heating. 

General problem

Most combi boilers have an internal expansion tank installed. When the boiler leaves the factory, the expansion tank is ready for use. The expansion ship is like a balloon. 

Inside the tube is a large rubber membrane filled with air or nitrogen. When the kettle is running, the water in it starts to expand and has to flow somewhere. This is where the expansion ship comes to work. occupy hot water expansion.