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Kojic Acid for Skin: Everything You Need to Know About Kojic Acid Soap

Essentially, kojic acid is your new go-to for even-toned skin. It is used to brighten dark marks and/or hyperpigmentation from acne scars. When it comes to scarring, you will want to begin treatment as soon as possible. It is most effective to treat when the scar is fresh. Similarly, kojic acid can also have a lightening effect on discoloration due to age spots, sun spots, and melasma. You can also click this site to get more info on kojic acid soap.

In addition to helping lighten pesky scars, kojic acid also has antibacterial properties that may help treat the acne itself; and on the anti-aging front, it even has some antioxidant protection to help fight free radical damage. But what makes kojic acid such a favorite among dermatologists is its tolerability. Those who have had dryness or irritation from hydroquinone—another skin-lightening agent often prescribed by dermatologists—may have an easier experience using products with kojic acid.

Kojic acid is relatively gentle on the skin (which is why it’s such a good alternative to hydroquinone), but there are still certain factors you’ll want to keep in mind when using it. Overall it is very well tolerated and it is safe to use on sensitive skin. However, if you do develop a reaction such as contact dermatitis, itching, or redness, discontinue use immediately and reach out to your dermatologist.

Kojic acid may also make all skin including deeper skin tones—more sensitive to sunburn. It is extremely important to use sunscreen when your skin is healing from a wound, such as an acne, and even more so when you’re using a dark spot treatment.