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Martial Arts Weapons: A Basic Neutronic Primer

People keep asking me questions about Martial Arts Weapons. What is the reason they are funny-shaped and what is the best way to make them function? What is the most effective weapon in Tai Chi Chuan Karate, Pa Kua Chang, or any other?

The truth lies in a notion so simple that the majority of people are unable to comprehend it. There is, as you can see, an easy method to determine what the different instruments are, and this will provide a clear understanding as to how they function. The simplest way to think about it is…geometry. For more information about martial arts weapons, you can explore this link.

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A weapon that kills regardless of the form, is usually built on the concept of straight lines. The most simple and fundamental straight line is one that is a pole. It is designed to do two things specifically, bashing and poking.

A knife should be attached to the end of the staff, and you'll be left with the spear. Decorations, grips, or anything else, it's just the pole that has a hard tip. It's perfect for banging with a delicate feel or plain old poking.

The most important aspect of any weapon in martial arts is simply determining if the design of the tool best suits bashing or poking.