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Cork Flooring – Natural Insulating Flooring Material

When installing flooring in your home, you need to consider its insulating properties. No one wants to install a new floor only to find out that it is freezing cold in winter. However, properly insulating new flooring can really add to the cost of your product. Sometimes you need to buy expensive pads or install radiant heaters. So, we'd like to introduce you to floors that can actually insulate themselves. This product is called cork flooring.

Interestingly, while cork flooring insulates it's also considered a green flooring product. True, unlike other flooring products that require chemicals and artificial materials to meet certain specifications. Cork flooring is natural and made from cork oak bark. The bark of cork oak is real cork and is obtained by removing a small layer of bark (cork) from the trunk.

This process keeps the tree intact and can be harvested many times in the future throughout its life. So it's not just green flooring that you get, you don't have to worry about the addition of toxic chemicals that can harm your health. The process of explaining why cork flooring is such a great insulator is quite simple.

You just need to understand the true cellular composition of the cork material. If you look at cork with a microscope, you will find millions of cells filled with air. These cells offer many other advantages and we will mention them in a moment. These cells actually help keep the air neutral between the top and bottom, preventing rapid temperature differences like gigs or hardwoods.

This cell structure also makes cork extremely durable and extremely comfortable; If you don't believe us, visit the showroom today and give it a try. Well, some people will not like cork flooring, they may want to opt for carpet or real hardwood flooring. Well, you'll be happy to hear that cork still offers a solution. You can use cork as a base and get the same insulating effect.