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iPhone Glass Screen Protector

iPhone owners who love their iPhones. It is essential to ensure its safety. It is essential to protect your iPhone with a screen protector/protector for long-lasting use and efficiency. Protect your iPhone from scratches and sticky fingers with plastic screen protectors. The regular plastic cover won't protect your iPhone screen from cracks or breakage. You can also buy the iphone glass cover via many online sources.

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Protecting your iPhone's screen from physical damage, impacts, and cracks requires a stronger protector. This protector is called 'Tempered Glass. Let's find out why these glasses are better than plastics to protect your iPhone screen.

Tempered Glass Screens and Protectors

This screen protector protects your iPhone's screen from everyday wear and tear. It keeps it looking clean and fresh, as the name suggests. Tempered glass protects your touch screen from scratches and external damage. It is five times more durable than regular screen protectors made of plastic. They are heat resistant and can absorb maximum impact in the event of a drop to the ground. This protects the screen from any damage.

Tempered Glass vs. Plastic Screen Guards

Toughness and impermeability

Tempered glass is stronger than plastic screen protectors. Tempered glass can last longer than plastic protectors, which are more susceptible to becoming cloudy or scratched. The thickness of tempered glass is usually between 0.3 and 0.5mm for iPhones, while plastic protectors are about 0.1mm. The former is a stronger, more permeable option for your iPhone.

Feel & Touch

Tempered glass of the highest quality will allow your fingers and thumbs to glide easily on the screen. This gives you the feeling of the original touch screen. Plastic screen guards, on the other hand, are less smooth to start with and friction increases as the cover is used more frequently and rough handled. Plastic guards can develop cloudy spots, particularly in areas where it is used the most.