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Driver Retention: It’s Not That Easy

'Driver Treat with Respect' is the advice many self-proclaimed experts retention offered as the only solution for high driver turnover. It was like advising the operator to not lower their rates during the recession.

The reality is this – an effective driver retention program is complex, structured, and dynamic. There are dozens of critical areas operators must continually manage to reduce turnover.A smart, data-driven approach to retention will help you quickly to make your student career success.

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 A shortlist includes practices candid recruitment, victims of competitive work, problem turnover truly understand the unique profile drivers, using the approach of 'Benefits Ladder' for compensation and recognition, adequate and home time flexible, guaranteed wage new drivers, comfortable and well-maintained equipment, targeted and improvement programs consistent working life.

limitations of space and the value of education will focus our discussion on the merits of one of the most practiced but most effective of our shortlist – household benefits approach to compensation and recognition.

At the heart of loyalty driver retention. Driver loyal to their employers rarely leave. Unfortunately, building a loyalty driver is a long-term process. It does not happen overnight.

Many operators use the same approach to compensate for the driver; offers a higher mileage or hourly pay for a higher level of seniority. However, this model is in itself falls short in mileage and hourly pay alone does not provide enough incentive to motivate drivers to stay long enough to take the next step.