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How To Clean A Hookah In Australia

However, if cleaned properly, a high-quality water pipe will last for many years. Put about an ounce of lemon juice at the base of your hookah. 

Wave and turn so that it touches all parts of the base. Add hot water with lemon juice and keep turning. After a few seconds, rinse everything well and turn the base to dry. You can also look for shisha in Australia via the web. 


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Disassemble your hookah and wash the bowl first. Use an old toothpick or pencil tip to carefully clean the burned dry tobacco from the small hole in the bowl. 

Use your long brush to clean the hookah shaft. It's best to add lemon juice or just use hot water. Remember to pay special attention to the edges so they don't accumulate on top. 

Use compressed air to blow both ends of the bottle. This will expel stuffy air instead of leaving it in your shisha hose. This method helps keep your tube fresher for longer!

Never use soap to clean water pipes as it can contaminate the taste of smoke. If you used rock salt to thoroughly clean the base, rinse it well.

This is a safe cleaning method if you give it time to work. If you don't wait, the effect is almost the same as blowing out compressed air, which can be fatal.