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Know About The Brands Of Luxury Watches

The history of fine watches is often overlooked when you first learn about them. The history of luxury watches has a direct correlation to their intrinsic value. These brands have been around for over a century, and their names have weight and importance that cannot be denied due to the longevity they have held. 

Longines watches (1832), Gucci watches (1921) have managed to hold a significant share of the luxury watch market for a long period. Although there are fluctuations in sales, they have remained remarkably consistent for the majority of their runs. To know about many other watch brands, you can search the web.


This is where the likes Raymond Weil watches, established in 1976, and Philip Stein watches, established in 2002, entered. It is hard to imagine how young brands could survive in an industry so focused on the "old money" status and long-term reputation of these brands. 

These brands were created to shake a stagnant market and innovate their way to prominence. In all cases, it worked. Both are now well-known brands that will get as much positive attention as older brands. 

Craftsmanship is the most important aspect of building a luxury watch company. These brands have built their businesses from scratch and managed to reach every part of society. These brands must feel the greatest satisfaction knowing that they have gained so much goodwill from customers and watch enthusiasts.