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Ways To Make Your Shipping More Brandable

Here we place a lot of value on a service-oriented company, but we think it's time to give our suppliers product and love. After all, it has to do with the goal of getting the product to your customers' doorsteps, and if you can earn a little more brand and customer loyalty in the process, why not?

Here are some common ways to make sure your brand gets noticed and grabs attention!

Custom shipping box:

Custom boxes now are one of many personalized shipping services that can do this. From simple two-tone designs on plain cardboard to high-quality printing all over the box, you can give your packaging the perfect look. The best part is that you can completely customize your online appearance and get offers right away – without waiting.

Tuck in Shipping Boxes - Custom printing available Packnest

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Individual mailing bag:

If you want to go a bit more sophisticated for your product, bags and bows are the right choices for you. You can ship your products in style, from simple merchandise bags to high-quality fabric and gourmet bags.

The bag and ribbon also contain all the embellishments to complete the look, including stuffed fillers, parchment paper, and more. Many of their products are also environmentally friendly.

Custom shipping tape:

The dispensing strip doesn't need to be uniform, matte brown, or transparent. U-Line offers excellent options for sealing with your brand's colors and logos. The difference between the products lies in the type of tape material used, printability, and available colors.

However, the U-Line can be too expensive for small companies. Another custom delivery belt option comes from Seton. Here you can customize colors, choose size and text, add your logo and roll count, and get instant reviews so you know the exact price in minutes.