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What Can A Pain Management Doctor Do For Me?

A pain management specialist is someone who diagnoses the reason a patient has pain. 

In addition to providing pain relief, The best pain management specialists in Santa Barbara can also work with other doctors to create a pain treatment plan.

These are Anesthesiologists, who make sure you're comfortable and safe while undergoing surgery. They are most commonly encountered by women in the L&D area during childbirth.

For smaller procedures, you may also encounter this specialist at your dentist or doctor’s office. They are a distinct category of doctors because of the many ways they can be used.

Sometimes, the Anesthesiologist is the one who leads a team that includes specialists. They all work together to relieve a patient's discomfort, not only during surgery or procedures but also afterward. 

Anesthesiologists and other pain management doctors like Neurologists, Oncologists, Orthopedists, and even Physiatrists or Psychiatrists can confer about a patient's discomfort.

Non-physician specialists such as nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and therapists can be consulted to assess a patient's pain management needs. The specialist in pain management will not only treat patients for surgery but also other conditions. 

These include arthritis, back pain, and cancer pain, as well as migraine headache pain, nerve pain, and nerve pain. Amputees who experience phantom leg pain can be referred to a pain specialist.

A specialist of pain will also treat patients suffering from acute pain after an incapacitating illness, serious injury, or surgery as well. Their services may also be needed for pain after a knee-joint operation or recovery from an accident. 

They can also help patients who have had stomach or chest surgery or are diagnosed with Sickle Cell disease.

Pain management specialists can be seen for patients who are in the hospital or at an outpatient clinic. They will meet with the patient's doctor and review the medical records, including x-rays, to get a complete understanding of the situation.