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Breast Augmentation – How To Choose The Perfect Size For You In Dallas

For some women, deciding to get breast augmentation is the easiest part of the process. Choosing the right size can be a little more difficult. Let's face it, in our society, bigger is usually better, but the size you choose will depend on your body frame and type, the look you are going for, and your preferences.

The professional opinion of qualified breast augmentation doctors can help you achieve the breast you've always wanted. It can also be helpful to get opinions from friends and family. After all, these people are around you every day.

Conservative size

Many women opt for smaller implant sizes to reduce the surprise of family events or work with their new breasts. Choosing a smaller implant can also shorten and facilitate the recovery process and reduce your pain after surgery.

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Talk to your surgeon

Talk to your surgeon if you plan to increase your breast size by more than a few cup sizes. Your plastic surgeon will tell you if you have enough breast tissue to place a large breast implant.

Think about your body shape

Think about your body size and shape. If you have broad shoulders and a tall body, big breasts will make you look great. If you are very thin, you may look weighed down with big breasts. You can also get back pain from the weight of large breast implants. Even if your breasts are very small and your body is thin, even a C-cup will look big at first.